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About MARKERS &Pearls

MARKERS &Pearls is a hobby shop offering the finest stitch markers and other beading accessories for knitting or crochet.

But what exactly is ‘a stitch marker’? A stitch marker is, as the name suggests, used to make a marking in your knitting or crochet project. It can be a round, an increase or decrease or related to a pattern.

All standard mask markers at MARKERS & Pearls are only 10 kroner, and with our unique pick and mix concept, you can customize your marker to suit your needs. The pendants are available in a myriad of colors, shapes, materials and sizes. With more than 400 different pendants, you’re sure to find a stitch marker that suits your taste.

The markers can also be used as earrings, so we have 4 different models to choose from for your pendant.

In addition to markers, we also sell raglan sets, which are used to mark raglan increases, knitting fish , which are primarily used as a lap counter, and a host of other accessories to enhance your knitting or crochet experience.

Welcome to the site. We hope you will enjoy your visit to our unique universe ♥

Mette / MARKERS &Pearls