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Maskwire (5 x 1m) – Summer special

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5 pieces of masking wire, 95-105 cm in the colors: Purple, Red, Pink, Yellow and Orange

The Stitch holder is 2 mm thick and fits sticks 2-5 mm.

For example, use the stitch wire when resting the stitches for a sleeve. Insert the cable onto the tip of the circular needle and pull the stitches onto it. Tie a knot at each end of the wire. When it’s time to put the stitches back on the needle, it works the same way. You can also use the cable if you’re trying on a sweater that is worked from the top down.

It is individual how long a piece of mesh wire you need or want to use, so we have chosen to sell the wire in pieces of 100 cm.

If you want more, simply select add more devices to your basket. If you buy multiple units of the wire, it is delivered in 1 unbroken piece and you can cut it to the exact length you need.

**Obs. Cannot be used as interchangeable wires for circular needles.