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Raglan set with tiger eye markers and zodiac pendants

99.00 DKK

Raglan set of 4 handmade bead markers with natural tiger eye bead and a zodiac pendant lap marker.

These beautiful pearl markers are made with natural tiger eye pearls. The beads measure 8 mm and the markers fit up to and including size 8 needles.

In addition, there is a lap marker in the form of an optional zodiac pendant.

Add a comment if you want a different zodiac sign than ‘Capricorn’.

If more bead markers than the 4 are required, they can be purchased individually. They can be found in the ‘Pearl markers’ category.

The Tiger Eye pearl is characterized by the following properties, among others

  • It supports you in filtering out negative energies and standing strong in yourself
  • It provides clarity and overview.
  • It provides grounding, which makes it ideal for situations where you need to be focused, inspired and present.

Tiger eye is particularly associated with the zodiac signs: Capricorn, Taurus, Gemini & Leo

Note! Each bead marker is unique as they are handmade from natural products. Small variations in expression and color may therefore occur from marker to marker.

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